About Us

The Gaggle of Girls

The Gaggle of Girls are a family of four (or 6) – I’m Rachel, aka Mama or Mommy, and my daughters are Mackenzie (11 in May), Isabel (9 in June), and Amelia, 5 1/2. We also have a female calico cat named Yuki, but our puppy (Ra, a red Australian Cattle Dog) is a boy – we’re a family of 6 if you count the pets, but then we aren’t all girls!

Mackenzie, Isabel, and I were baptized and confirmed on Thanksgiving weekend, 2008. We are so happy to be a part of the Church, and we are muddling our way through all the lifestyle changes that come along with becoming Mormon. We live on the North Shore of Massachusetts, and this is not an area with a lot of Members of the Church – we are working hard to keep our values intact and follow the commandments while living with people who have very different belief systems.

Part of how we keep our family strong is to have Family Home Evenings. Before we found the Church, we had Family Game Nights, and now we have combined the two – we do the spiritual part of Family Home Evening, and then play games and eat snacks after the final prayer!

We hope you enjoy our adventures in Family Home Evening planning! Please feel free to email us with any ideas or questions!